Pottery Barn Wreath DIY

I love magnolia wreaths. I recently saw this one on the Pottery Barn website that had magnolia leaves, pomegranates, and pinecones.

Pretty, right? I thought it would look really nice on my fireplace over my DIY Kirkland’s wooden wall plaque, but there were two issues. First, the 24- and 40-inch options are both enormous for that spot. And second, that price — woof! Not in my budget. It seemed easy enough to make though, so I scouted for supplies. I bought a faux magnolia garland and a bunch of small apples on a pick from Michaels, and I used a 12-inch grapevine wreath I already had.

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Easy DIY Wreath Bows

I worked in a flower shop when I was a teenager. Every year, I was tasked with making hundreds of bows starting right after Halloween (yeah, I said Halloween. They start early in the ‘biz). So, I can tell you from personal experience that getting proficient at bow making requires a lot of trial and error — meaning letting a lot of unsecured bows float to the floor in their original ribbon state, usually accompanied by an expletive. But after a while, it becomes second nature. And today, I am going to attempt to show you in photograph form how to do it.

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