One-Hour Shoe Rack DIY

After we created our DIY wood hall tree, I really wanted a place for my husband to put his shoes. We previously had a little shelf system that actually belongs in a closet; it’s something that we put in the mud room when we moved in, and it never left. But now that I have this pretty hall tree for storage, I wanted some thing that matched it.

I had some scraps from the hall tree project, so I decided to take small pieces of 2 x 4 and use them as legs for a short shoe rack DIY. For the top I used a piece of scrap two-inch trim left over from my wood wall art project. So, if you’re keeping a tally, this project cost me nothing. What’s more, cutting and assembling the shoe rack took only a few minutes, as did filling the holes, sanding, and staining. Leaving it alone to dry was the most time-consuming part of the project! Here’s what I did.

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Make a Cyser to Enjoy this Fall

If autumn brings thoughts of mulled cider to mind, you might just love this best-kept-secret of a beverage. Cyser is a cross between hard apple cider and mead. It’s really easy to make with a few supplies and simple ingredients.

I like the way Viking Alchemist describes cyser

A cyser is a mead which has been fermented with apple juices rather than water, created a unique drink that is both sweeter and tarter. It’s common to add other ingredients to flavor the cyser like autumn fruits or spices. If you like a cider, but find it’s too “apple-y” you might really enjoy a cyser. It is milder, smoother and takes the tart bite out of the drink.

Below is a simple recipe that will yield a tasty beverage in just a few weeks.

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