DIY Kitchen Cabinet/Pantry with Shelves

There’s a little nook in our kitchen with upper cabinets that used to have a washer and dryer below. Our laundry machines are in the basement, so there is a lot of wasted space in this little area of the kitchen. I considered buying a freestanding pantry that sort of looked like my cabinets. Here are a few of the contenders:

The vertical ribbing in the doors is similar to that of my kitchen cabinets, which are also white. But besides the not-ideal price tag, I couldn’t buy one with a height I wanted because these two pantries have been out of stock. But I had an epiphany while making my entry hall tree. The homemade wood shelf that moved to Virginia with us from New Jersey (and used to be our storage in the mudroom) was suddenly homeless and happened to be the perfect size to repurpose into a pantry.

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Wooden Wall Art: Inspo from Kirkland’s

DIY wooden wall art

I loved this two-tone geometric wood wall plaque when I saw it on Kirkland’s website. Sixty bucks plus shipping was a bit hefty though, mostly because I knew I could create a similar piece inexpensively.

The original piece from Kirkland’s was a 30-inch square. First, I made a 17-inch rendition using one-inch-wide wood. Then, I made a 30-inch version using two- and three-inch pieces.

Lumber is super expensive right now. For any project we do, my husband and I check Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for materials first. Purchasing from Habitat is not only way more cost effective if the Restore has what you need; it’s also supporting a great organization. I scored nine-foot wood boards for $2.00 each. So yeah, it’s worth the look.

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