Wooden Wall Art: Inspo from Kirkland’s

DIY wooden wall art

I loved this two-tone geometric wood wall plaque when I saw it on Kirkland’s website. Sixty bucks plus shipping was a bit hefty though, mostly because I knew I could create a similar piece inexpensively.

The original piece from Kirkland’s was a 30-inch square. First, I made a 17-inch rendition using one-inch-wide wood. Then, I made a 30-inch version using two- and three-inch pieces.

Lumber is super expensive right now. For any project we do, my husband and I check Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for materials first. Purchasing from Habitat is not only way more cost effective if the Restore has what you need; it’s also supporting a great organization. I scored nine-foot wood boards for $2.00 each. So yeah, it’s worth the look.

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