Hi, I’m Allie. I make a lot of stuff.

Since I was a kid, I have seen probably a thousand things and thought: I can make that. And often I try to. Homemade wreaths, bread from scratch, watercolor paintings, crocheted blankets, and so on, forever and ever. The things I make are not always perfect. Frankly, they are never perfect. But there’s something about the making part that makes me really happy. So, I started this blog to share the things I do with you.

I have lived in New Jersey, New York, Scotland, California, and Virginia. My husband and I have three rescued cats, so we’re outnumbered by felines in this house. I’m also a plant fanatic — mostly indoor plants, but I have been getting better at gardening since we bought a house with a very landscaped yard that needs a lot of upkeep.

So yeah, I don’t sit still for long.

If you feel like sticking around my blog, here are some recent posts:

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