Patriotic Wreath DIY

This DIY patriotic wreath is vibrant, inexpensive, and easy to make.

I made this ribbon wreath to hang from Memorial Day through the 4th of July, but I liked it so much on my front door that I left it there for most of the summer.

I bought my ribbon at Michael’s, but you can find similar products at other craft stores as well as Walmart and the dollar store. The wire wreath form is one I had lying around, but the dollar store carries them as well. So, if you want to really make this DIY ribbon wreath on a dime, check there for supplies first.

You will need:

  • Wire wreath form
    • Wreath size is up to you; mine is 10 inches.
  • Wide ribbon, preferably wired
    • I used three contrasting ribbons: blue with red and white stars, solid satin red with sparkly trim, and burlap.
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Needle-nose pliers or wire cutters

Here’s how to assemble.

Step 1: Make lots of “bows” and secure with floral wire.

Cut 12-inch lengths of ribbon. Fold each cut into the center with slight overlap. Bend an 8-inch length of floral wire, around the middle where the ribbon is gathered and twist to secure.

Step 2: Wire bows to wreath form.

Choose your first color. Using the wire holding your bows together, tightly secure each bow to the wreath form, alternating rings. Once all bows of one color are fastened to the wreath, move on to the next and repeat. Be sure to change up often which ring on the wreath you’re securing each bow to.

This is where you can get really creative. I started with my blue bows and secured them all, then moved on to the burlap bows and then the red. That way, I could build the look slowly and tuck some ribbons behind and put some in front.

Step 3: Manipulate bows to get a full look.

Once all the bows are secured to the wreath, gently round out the bow loops with your fingers. Turn some loops so the angled vary, which will also fill in any gaps between bows. The more time you take on this step, the fuller your wreath will look. Hang, and enjoy!

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