Pottery Barn Wreath DIY

I love magnolia wreaths. I recently saw this one on the Pottery Barn website that had magnolia leaves, pomegranates, and pinecones.

Pretty, right? I thought it would look really nice on my fireplace over my DIY Kirkland’s wooden wall plaque, but there were two issues. First, the 24- and 40-inch options are both enormous for that spot. And second, that price — woof! Not in my budget. It seemed easy enough to make though, so I scouted for supplies. I bought a faux magnolia garland and a bunch of small apples on a pick from Michaels, and I used a 12-inch grapevine wreath I already had.

The best thing about using garland on a wreath is how easy it is to fasten everything with floral wire and maintain consistent spacing. I laid the garland in a circle on top of the grapevine wreath and used small pieces of wire to attach it every few inches. I had some length of the garland left over, so I clipped it off, popped off the rest of the leaves, and hot glued them individually to fill the gaps. Luckily, the underside of the leaves on the garland were brown, so I was able to flip some over and get the same effect that the Pottery Barn wreath has.

Then, I freed each of the wired apple stems from the main pick and stuck them between the leaves around the wreath. Since this wreath is going to be hanging up high, I was mindful of what the sides and bottom looked like as I filled in.

I found four pinecones outside and hot glued them here and there, which added some pretty texture.

All in all I spent about $15, since I already had the grapevine, pinecones, wire, and hot glue. The magnolia leaves look way bigger on my wreath, since it’s half the size of the original, but it’s a great all-winter decoration for my mantle. I might add some small battery-operated lights with a timer to add some sparkle at night.

How did I do with my DIY Pottery Barn magnolia wreath?

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