Upcycled Trunk Becomes My New Toolbox

I’m getting quite the collection of tools and supplies for my DIY projects, and most of these things live on a 2×2-foot hightop table in my home office. I’m a compulsive tidier, so the growing disorganized pile started to get to me recently. Then, I remembered that we brought a rather ugly trunk from New Jersey, which has been empty in a closet for more than two years. It’s the perfect size to hold all my DIY things and be tucked away under the table.

But yowza … that yellow, right?

Besides the mustard color that needed to go away, I also had to give the trim a little love. But first thing’s first; I took off the handles and painted it, and it already looked WAY better.

Then, I used Gorilla Wood Glue on the places where there the leather had lifted from the trunk, and I held them down tightly with painters tape to dry.

The gray was nice by itself, but it was a little plain. So, I added some subtle stripes with white craft paint.

With the same sponge brush that I used to paint the gray (and without cleaning it), I dabbed some white paint, brushed most of it off on a dry part of my palette, and swiped what was left of the paint between the tape. It gave the stripes a warn-off, washed out look.

I reattached the handles and still felt like it was a little bland. So, I painted a compass on it. To get a perfect large circle, I traced a paper plate.

Then, I freehanded the letters and lines to make the compass, using very little black paint to continue the worn look.

Here’s what I came up with:

Compass Vintage Trunk

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