Wooden Wall Art: Inspo from Kirkland’s

DIY wooden wall art

I loved this two-tone geometric wood wall plaque when I saw it on Kirkland’s website. Sixty bucks plus shipping was a bit hefty though, mostly because I knew I could create a similar piece inexpensively.

The original piece from Kirkland’s was a 30-inch square. First, I made a 17-inch rendition using one-inch-wide wood. Then, I made a 30-inch version using two- and three-inch pieces.

Lumber is super expensive right now. For any project we do, my husband and I check Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for materials first. Purchasing from Habitat is not only way more cost effective if the Restore has what you need; it’s also supporting a great organization. I scored nine-foot wood boards for $2.00 each. So yeah, it’s worth the look.

17-inch version

First, I cut all my pieces. Here is the full cut list for an 17-inch square plaque:

  • Frame: Four 17-inch pieces (90-degree ends)
  • Criss-cross back layer: Two 26-inch pieces (ends trimmed later to fit inside the 17-inch frame)
  • Square middle layer: Four 14-inch pieces (45-degree ends)
  • Diamond front layer: Four 7-inch pieces (45-degree ends)
  • Pieces connecting diamond to frame: Four 6-inch pieces

I used the following supplies and equipment:

  • A tape measure
  • Wood glue
  • A hand saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain and paint

After making all my cuts (besides the trimming I did later) and sanding all the pieces, I laid everything out to check whether they fit together well. Then, I grouped together the pieces in each layer and stained and painted them. I stained the back X and frame in Minwax Early American, whitewashed the square, and used a watered-down gray-brown paint for the diamond and pieces that will connect it to the frame.

Once the paint and stain were dry, I used wood glue to secure the shapes separately, besides the back X and the four small pieces that connect the diamond to the frame. So at this point, I had the frame, the square, and the diamond ready to go.

When the glue dried, I set one of the X pieces under the frame from corner to corner. Then, I drew the inner corners of the frame onto the X piece. I repeated this step with the other side of the X, and then I cut the points.

Then, I assembled everything. I used wood glue at every spot where two pieces of wood touched.

There is one step I did that made my rendition of the wall plaque look slightly different. The corners of the diamond are supposed to fit into the four straight pieces that connect it to the frame. However, the one-inch wood I used wasn’t wide enough to have these pieces sit flush with the front of the frame. So, I glued those four pieces behind the diamond and the square instead.

Here’s the finished piece.

30-inch version

The process was similar for the bigger version of this wooden wall plaque. Here’s my cut list:

1/4″ plywood, cut to 3×30″ with 90-degree ends (4)

Criss-cross back layer
Two-inch-wide boards, cut to 42-inch lengths (2)
Ends trimmed later to fit inside the 30-inch square frame

Square middle layer
1/4″ plywood, cut to 3×18″ with 45-degree ends (4)

Diamond front layer
Two-inch-wide boards, cut to 10-inch lengths with 45-degree ends (2)

Pieces connecting diamond to frame
Two-inch-wide boards, cut to 8-inch lengths (4)

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