Preserving Hydrangea Flowers

The flowers on a hydrangea change to several beautiful colors through the seasons. Mine start out snowy white in mid-summer, after which they turn antique beige and then finish in rosy pink in the fall. I love that it’s possible to dry them so they keep their color.

Ways to dry hydrangea

There are several methods to dry hydrangea blooms.

Believe it or not, you can actually dry hydrangea flowers in a vase filled with water. Snip the stems on an angle and pull off the leaves, put them in the vase filled halfway with water, and let them do their thing. In two or three weeks, the water will have evaporated and the flowers will have dried out.

You can also hang them upside-down to dry, just like you did with your prom bouquet. Snip off the leaves and hang the flowers in a cool, dry place.

There’s also the silica gel method. HobbyLobby has a great tutorial on how to do it properly. Essentially, you fill a container with silica gel and gently press the flowers (stems cut completely off) into the beads. Then, you build up the gel beads around the flower, covering the top of the flower and all its crevices with the beads. The bag of silica gel comes with instructions on how long to let the flowers dry out in the container.

Have you dried hydrangea, and if so, how did they turn out? Drop me a comment below!

Dollar Store Fall Mum Wreath

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