Easy DIY Wreath Bows

I worked in a flower shop when I was a teenager. Every year, I was tasked with making hundreds of bows starting right after Halloween (yeah, I said Halloween. They start early in the ‘biz). So, I can tell you from personal experience that getting proficient at bow making requires a lot of trial and error — meaning letting a lot of unsecured bows float to the floor in their original ribbon state, usually accompanied by an expletive. But after a while, it becomes second nature. And today, I am going to attempt to show you in photograph form how to do it.

how to make Christmas bows

How to make a Christmas bow (or a bow for anything, really)

If you’ve tried to make a bow before and were unsuccessful, I recommend using wired ribbon. The wire helps create and hold the shape. Any wide ribbon will do though. For this tutorial, I chose a stiff textured ribbon (that really liked to grab my sleeves).

Step 1

Pinch the width of the ribbon in one hand, allowing several inches of ribbon to extend downward. Twist the part of the ribbon that you are pinching.

Step 2

With your other hand, create a loop. Grasp the end of the loop behind the material you are pinching. (Letting a cat bother you during this step is optional.)

Step 3

Twist the end of the loop, as you did in step 1, and re-pinch.

Step 4

Repeat step 3, creating a loop on the other side that is the same size as the first loop. Note how my hand has turned.

Step 5

Repeating step 3 and 4, continue to add as many loops to your bow as you’d like, twisting and pinching the ends of each one. An even number of loops looks best. When you are finished adding loops, tightly secure the middle using a twist tie or a piece of wire.

Your bow should now look like this one without the need to hold it. Shake your hand out; I know it’s probably tired from all the pinching.

Step 6

Using the uncut side of the ribbon, wrap a small loop to cover the wire and create the “knot” in the center. Tightly secure with another twist of the wire you’ve just attached. At this point, you can fluff your loops and straighten them out. Use the same wire or another one in the back to attach the bow to your wreath or wherever it’s going. Then, fluff and straighten the loops and tails until they look the way you want.

How did I do? Did you make a bow? Drop me a comment below! (Hey, that rhymed!)

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