Rug Grip Pad Hack

I found a surprising dupe for the grippy pads that go under fabric rugs to keep them from slipping.

We have a pretty runner beside the bed in our guest room that matches the bedspread and walls wonderfully. However, walking on it with nothing but hardwood flooring underneath would send you flying, Scooby Doo style, into the wall. My cat enjoyed the slipperiness of the rug on the floor and would take a running start to see how much he could make it bunch up.

Before we had another guest spend the night, I needed to fix the problem. Rug tape didn’t work, so I shopped for rug pads with some grip. They cost way more than the runner itself, which was only $10 at Ross.

But then I realized that the grippy rug pads look very similar to another product that is a fraction of the price. Drumroll…

The dupe: a roll of anti-slide drawer liner.

I went back to Ross and found a roll for $2.99 that happened to be the exact width of the runner in the guest room. The length was slightly off, but this product is easily cut. Done! My cat was disappointed, but it’s comforting to know that standing on the rug is no longer a deathtrap for guests.

Christmas Tree Shelf DIY

Wood Christmas Tree Shelf DIY

A few weeks before Christmas, I decided to make this wood Christmas tree-shaped shelf by Ana White. I would consider myself a beginner in woodworking, and right around the time I started working on the angled cuts with the chop saw, I firmly agreed that “Intermediate,” as the project tagged is tagged, is definitely appropriate.… More

Pottery Barn Wreath DIY

I love magnolia wreaths. I recently saw this one on the Pottery Barn website that had magnolia leaves, pomegranates, and pinecones. Pretty, right? I thought it would look really nice on my fireplace over my DIY Kirkland’s wooden wall plaque, but there were two issues. First, the 24- and 40-inch options are both enormous for… More

Preserved Evergreen Wreath

I’m not a huge fan of faux flowers and greenery, unless they look super close to the real thing. I know that at Christmastime, making wreaths from pine branches and other evergreens is popular, but over time they turn brown. After a bit of searching, I found out that there’s an extra step you can… More

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