Get the Look: Budget Bathroom Transformation

The first project we took on when we moved into our house in 2018 was the downstairs bathroom. It is a full bath, but we use it as a powder room daily and then guests have their own private shower when they stay in the downstairs guest room. 

The bathroom was functioning fine when we moved in. I just wasn’t a fan of the aesthetic and wanted some updated fixtures and finishes. Here is what the bathroom looked like before (the tub and shower are behind me in this photo):

See? Not bad. The floor and backsplash tile are in excellent condition, and the wallpaper has a vintage vibe that jives with the style of our house. But at the time our upstairs bathroom did not have a shower, so for the first couple of months that we lived in the new house, this was our go-to bathroom. It needed a small vanity for more storage and countertop space and some updated finishes. We did the whole upgrade for about $500.

First, we replaced the vanity light. My dad and husband ran new electricity over to that area, because the previous fixture was battery-operated.

Next we removed the etagere and picked up a small vanity. There wasn’t a lot of real estate between the wall and the tub, so we opted to get a 30-inch vanity instead of a full-size one, which still gave us plenty of room for soap, toothbrushes, and other things as well as storage underneath without cramming the small space.

I chose chrome faucet and hardware to replace the brass. I highly recommend checking Amazon for toilet paper holders, towel rings, and other hardware in addition to bathroom lighting before buying at the hardware store. The lights I chose were listed elsewhere for a lot more money, but a little time surfing on Amazon led me to the exact same ones for a fraction of the price.

During a Goodwill shopping trip, I scored a wooden shelf with pegs, so I painted it white and installed it over the toilet for additional storage.

We also replaced the overhead light to match the new chrome fixtures.

The window had a translucent shade in addition to the sheer curtains, so I just removed the curtains to allow more light in and update the look.

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